Ahead of the Threat

CATSS is a continuous monitoring service that assesses system vulnerabilities, leverages community knowledge and predicts where your next Cyber Threat will occur.
CATSS - Ahead of the Threat

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We Connect The Dots

The CATSS solution is a community-based information sharing tool. By implementing custom Cloud-based technologies and advanced analytics, CATSS facilitates community-based threat information sharing that protects your systems.
We Prioritize data important to you, Predict where your next Cyber Threat will occur and we Protect your system with actionable solutions.

How Does CATSS Work

Through real-time data analytics, data inferencing algorithms, a common cyber data model and user friendly cyber visualization, CATSS will spot the threat before it attacks and provide solutions to keep you protected.

Our Technology Partners

  • Accumulo
  • Apache
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Hadoop
  • Apache Tomcat
Unparalleled, predictive analysis solution to Threat Sharing

CATSS implements automated, advanced analytics on big data stores, which provides an unparalleled, predictive analysis solution to Threat Sharing.

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Easy Visualization
An easy to use visualization component allows users to quickly see the threat, protect accordingly and share knowledge with other partners.

What CATSS Provides to Your Organization

  • Knowledge Discovery - Data Collation
  • Advanced Analytics - Data Mining
  • Predictive Analysis - Pattern Recognition
Our Leadership

Leadership Team

  • William Penn Chief Executive Officer
  • Gary Singh Chief Officer
  • Bill Antoszewski Director, Market Development