LarkSpear Announces Completion of Engagement for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and the US Sports ISAO

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Columbia, MD (LarkSpear Inc.) March 12, 2018

LarkSpear, a Columbia, MD based Cybersecurity firm today announced that they have completed an engagement where they conducted significant cyber threat analysis for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and the US Sports ISAO. The Sports ISAO acting as the cyber threat information hub for the Winter Olympic Games, provided LarkSpear cyber threat data which in turn used to analyze and identify active cyber-attacks and threat actors. Support was extended to the Olympic Committee and the ISAO sporting communities.

In January 2018, Cyber USA director David Powell facilitated a meeting between Sports ISAO Executive Director Doug DePeppe and LarkSpear CEO Bill Penn. David wanted the ISAO to leverage the power of CATSS, LarkSpear’s cyber analytic algorithm and predictive analysis tool, to support the Winter Games.

As a result of their discussion, Mr. Powell decided to integrate CATSS into the ISAO data repository and analyze the cyber threat data. LarkSpear quickly stood up an instance of CATSS dedicated to the 2018 Winter Games and began daily analysis. Over the course of the Olympics, CATSS was able to correlate unknown cyber events to specific actors, IP addresses and predict pro-active, defensive measures to take protect the ISAO partners. LarkSpear and the ISAO jointly reported this information the Department of State and DHS in a detailed event report.

CATSS (Cyber Automated Threat Sharing System) is a cutting edge, analytic platform that takes the work out of mining big data lakes of cyber threat information. CATSS is fully automated and implements advanced analytics, machine learning and entity behavior tracking. It acts an analytic “force multiplier” for organizations that don’t have a large analyst team. CATSS identifies previously unknown relationships between cyber threats, automatically creates Course of Actions and predicts how to prevent future attacks.

LarkSpear Inc. is a Columbia, MD based Cybersecurity firm that spawned out of the local Intelligence Community. Founded in 2015, LarkSpear is dedicated to supporting commercial organizations that need advanced cyber analytics, in order to continue uninterrupted operations.CEO Bill Penn has 20+ years of engineering experience in the Cyber, IC and DoD communities and is passionate about cyber information sharing and analysis. To learn more about CATSS and its advanced cyber features, please visit

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