Your Cyber Force Multiplier

As the sheer volume of cyber threat data outpaces the ability for human analysis, LarkSpear Analytics provides a quick, automated solution to the problem. We provide decisionmakers the ability to increase their cyber manpower through automation. Our solution automatically analyzes your data, finds unknown relationships and recommends Courses of Action to prevent a cyber breach.

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How LarkSpear Analytics works…

Manual analysis of threat data can overwhelm the cyber analyst. The addition of LarkSpear’s force multiplying, analytic capabilities allows analyst, the ability to automatically discover unknown threats and take a proactive approach to cyber defense.

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Ingest various cyber threat data formats into your LarkSpear Analytic instance, including: STIX, TAXII, OpenIOC, JSON, CTF and ATT&CK. Ingestion can be completed automatically or manually, using intelligence from your most trusted threat-data sources!

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Automatically analyze and cross correlate all your data, behind the scenes. We do the analytic heavy-lifting for you! You get 1) Identification and visualization of previously unknown cyber relationships and 2) New, custom-built Courses of Action to be taken for threat prevention.

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The system consistently predicts the presence of unknown vulnerabilities using the results of concurrently running analytics. Then it tells you what Course of Action to execute, it’s that simple.

LarkSpear in Action

  • World Cup

    The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup was held throughout 9 cities in France and required and unprecedented amount of cyber protection. LarkSpear analytics provide the US Sports ISAO with the capability to help identify, mitigate and manage threats against FIFA broadcast and management systems. We assisted the cyber security analysts with identification of potential malicious activities and course of Action to mitigate them.

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  • “LarkSpear Analytics (LA) teamed with the The Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI) during two recent World Cup events. LA provided our threat hunt teams with automated data enrichment to our cyber threat metadata. LA also exponentially reduced the time to triage and analyze large amount s of data, while the post-analysis graph interface produced illustrations of cyber observables with relationships that we had not yet discovered. Furthermore, LA generated Course-of-Action greatly expedited our actionable intelligence.”
    Jane Ginn – Cyber Resilience Institute

  • “The LarkSpear platform lets us spend less time pouring through lines of auto-generated, boilerplate data and more time taking direct and decisive action. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the constantly-increasing spectrum of cyber-related risks every company has to deal with today.”
    Dave M – MRE Tech