Our Platform

Our dashboards and reporting makes responding to potential issues and taking direct and decisive action easier than ever before.

  • The Dashboard

    The Dashboard is home base for the LarkSpear analyst. This view is made up of six cards, each of which plays an important role in managing your system.

    Gives you visual overviews of the data in your system.
    Displays the most recently generated Courses of Action.
    Lists all of the reports you have created from the data in your system.
    Lists every node you have flagged for future evaluation.
    Gives you access and control of TAXII feeds into your system.
    Shows the most recently uploaded files.

  • The Graph

    Lets the analyst view related cyber objects in the system through open queries or from their Watchlist. This view also shows you the NEW assertions and predictions that LA makes with Course of Action.

  • Viewing Reports

    Viewing reports is easy using LarkSpear Analytics. The analyst can create a variety of formatted reports that include the LA results, in machine readable formats!

  • Object Intel

    Every object ingested into LarkSpear Analytics is vetted for available intelligence. This includes Geo-location data, blacklists, etc. If any Geo-location data is found on an object, the location can be viewed in our custom map utility.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

LarkSpear makes analyzing huge amounts of cyber-threat data simple and easy. Here’s how it goes:


Ingest data. This can be done automatically (TAXII) or manually by uploading files and folders containing data.


View the results of our advanced analytics on your data. Analytic relationships can be searched on either temporally or by Confidence threshold.


Newly generated Courses of Action are deposited into the “Actions” card on the Dashboard. Take these actions to help secure your network.